Saturday, July 5, 2008

Diy Skirts

Thanks ladies for the previous comments on my last blog. I have been thinking about this. Since I am obsessed with skirts and felt like making some different skirts than my patchwork ones , I thought I ask others opinions. I used to sell skirts on ebay as diy. I sold lots of skirts a couple years back, like that one picture here but the market got saturated by manufactures and people who would pump out the same skirt with maybe a different fabric but same style. Thats not diy!Diy should be a unique item that isn't pumped out like a factory. It loses it personal touch, creativity and whats so unique about it if others have it? Anyway, I thought about it and I might put up a couple of skirts like that. I considered them punk/goth diy skirts. I miss making those but didn't have anywhere to sell them until now. So, I'll be doing that this month since I have an etsy store. Let me know what you think. I thought about fusing it with belly dance outfits some how. Hmmm

Skirt Crazy,


Aileen Fairycat said...

I so want one of your skirts!!

That one is so cute! I always wanted a cute DIY piece but too few people ever do them over a size 8 :(

erikachiquis said...

I made mine smaller and over a size 8.I made some
up to size 18. I will kept that in mind when I make them.