Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Other Obsession-Jewelry

My other obsession besides skirts is jewelry. All of it from necklaces, bracelets to earrings. Earrings have always been a favorite piece to wear. In High School I started trying to make my own earrings. Wasn't always successful but I did it. I even sold some back then. I also pierced my ears a few times more so I could wear more. I also wore one earring different than the other on each ear. I did it for not only loving Punk but I always ended up losing earrings and could not afford to always make new ones. Then while in the Army , I found a book on wire jewelry. Well, that started a whole new life for not only earrings but necklaces and bracelets.

Over the years I've been selling , mostly earrings, on the net and locally. I even use to sell Xmas ones at my previous job. I still sell some but started getting into polymer clay and charm bracelets. I made special ones for me with little do dads from broken items, to coins and many odds and ends stuff. I wore the bracelets to my previous job to keep my spirits up. I couldn't keep them all since I was making too many. So I decided to sell them. I love sitting down making the beads for them. Also, my kids always end up making some too and I use them on my bracelets. They are fun bracelets to wear.

I have so much jewelry that its insane. I have like over 100 pairs of earrings and 75% of them I made. Also, lots and lots of bracelets and necklaces. Over half of those I made too. I will sell some more of my jewelry but only if I can part with it. Sometimes I do make two similar kind only so I can keep one.


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