Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pirate Treasures Charm Bracelet

Well, I wanted to show you the new patchwork skirt I did but I haven't finished the hem or taken pictures yet. Probably next week if no one blogs on here. Anyway, I did finish a Pirate Bracelet called Pirate Treasures. I had been wanting to make one for awhile but didn't get a chance. I am actually making one for myself too. I can't help it. Its not like I need another bracelet. So here's a picture of it. Some of the beads where made by my kids too. Great addition to your Pirate Belly dance costume. Shhhhh, I have two costumes of those. Oh, and I know its not Belly dance but my 10 year old son is now selling on my etsy site. He has his own section called Cuddly Bunny Creations. he's going to be making pillow cases for kids and baby wipes. I also have my mother in law selling on there her knitted hats I asked my mom and hopefully she will be sending me items that she makes to sell too. So its turning out to be a family affair.

Erikas Chiquis

Etsy Raqs Team

Friday, July 18, 2008

New Site Is Up!

Hi! Just a note to say that I have been working very hard to get my new shop up and running...and Ta-Da! Here it is! There's not much on it yet, but I will be adding more on a regular basis. Come visit the shop and see what I've been up to! And I promise to post a more interesting blog soon...but I guess something is better than nothing. :-)


Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Other Obsession-Jewelry

My other obsession besides skirts is jewelry. All of it from necklaces, bracelets to earrings. Earrings have always been a favorite piece to wear. In High School I started trying to make my own earrings. Wasn't always successful but I did it. I even sold some back then. I also pierced my ears a few times more so I could wear more. I also wore one earring different than the other on each ear. I did it for not only loving Punk but I always ended up losing earrings and could not afford to always make new ones. Then while in the Army , I found a book on wire jewelry. Well, that started a whole new life for not only earrings but necklaces and bracelets.

Over the years I've been selling , mostly earrings, on the net and locally. I even use to sell Xmas ones at my previous job. I still sell some but started getting into polymer clay and charm bracelets. I made special ones for me with little do dads from broken items, to coins and many odds and ends stuff. I wore the bracelets to my previous job to keep my spirits up. I couldn't keep them all since I was making too many. So I decided to sell them. I love sitting down making the beads for them. Also, my kids always end up making some too and I use them on my bracelets. They are fun bracelets to wear.

I have so much jewelry that its insane. I have like over 100 pairs of earrings and 75% of them I made. Also, lots and lots of bracelets and necklaces. Over half of those I made too. I will sell some more of my jewelry but only if I can part with it. Sometimes I do make two similar kind only so I can keep one.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Diy Skirts

Thanks ladies for the previous comments on my last blog. I have been thinking about this. Since I am obsessed with skirts and felt like making some different skirts than my patchwork ones , I thought I ask others opinions. I used to sell skirts on ebay as diy. I sold lots of skirts a couple years back, like that one picture here but the market got saturated by manufactures and people who would pump out the same skirt with maybe a different fabric but same style. Thats not diy!Diy should be a unique item that isn't pumped out like a factory. It loses it personal touch, creativity and whats so unique about it if others have it? Anyway, I thought about it and I might put up a couple of skirts like that. I considered them punk/goth diy skirts. I miss making those but didn't have anywhere to sell them until now. So, I'll be doing that this month since I have an etsy store. Let me know what you think. I thought about fusing it with belly dance outfits some how. Hmmm

Skirt Crazy,