Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pirate Treasures Charm Bracelet

Well, I wanted to show you the new patchwork skirt I did but I haven't finished the hem or taken pictures yet. Probably next week if no one blogs on here. Anyway, I did finish a Pirate Bracelet called Pirate Treasures. I had been wanting to make one for awhile but didn't get a chance. I am actually making one for myself too. I can't help it. Its not like I need another bracelet. So here's a picture of it. Some of the beads where made by my kids too. Great addition to your Pirate Belly dance costume. Shhhhh, I have two costumes of those. Oh, and I know its not Belly dance but my 10 year old son is now selling on my etsy site. He has his own section called Cuddly Bunny Creations. he's going to be making pillow cases for kids and baby wipes. I also have my mother in law selling on there her knitted hats I asked my mom and hopefully she will be sending me items that she makes to sell too. So its turning out to be a family affair.

Erikas Chiquis

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