Saturday, June 28, 2008

Etsy Raqs Rocks!!!

Okay, I'll be the first person to post. I think this is so great to have a place to get handmade belly dance items. I started out buying some of my items when I first started dancing but was disappointed at the options and quality of a lot of items. So began my obsession with making my own items. A big obsession that I really can't keep it all and so began selling my items. I enjoy making skirts, jewelry, belts or whatever I feel like making.

I've always made my clothes and jewelry since High school. You want to know how many skirts I've made for myself in the last 8 years? Lets say I have at least 65 sitting in my closet that are just for everyday wear. I just love skirts. I also love jewelry but thats another blog. I love mixing color on my patchwork skirts. I had a hard time selling these first skirts. I kept saying -but I want to keep them. Do you see what I mean?

Anyway, I hope you peak at my store and all the other lovely ladies here on Etsy Raqs. These talented ladies make some of the most gorgeous, unique, awesome items that you'll be dying to add to your dance wardrobe. Have fun buying.

Obsessed costume maker,

Etsy Raqs

Erikas Chiquis