Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Business Cards

I've had the same business card for nearly a year now, it's a beautiful card designed by another Etsy seller. For the past year, I've been printing these on really nice glossy cards on my computer. The really nice glossy cards cost about $20 for a package of 200 cards from Office Max.

In reading the Etsy forums today, I discovered Gotprint. I just ordered 1000 glossy, full color business cards (I just uploaded the PNG file to their website) for $21.95, and that even included shipping. That's about what I spent on a package of cards alone, not to mention the amount of ink a full color card can suck up. I feel like the folks in the V-8 commercials.

Check it out:

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Ran said...

I might have to play with that later . . . I'm gonna try to run out of my old ones first, though. With the con and show schedule as it is, that might be fairly soon. D: