Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Purple Pants Anyone?

I am so excited and pleased to be able to offer these purple pants for sale. Purple is my personal favorite color, so it is always hard for me to part with any purple items, but I would like for these to go to a happy home. Plus, purple is one of the in colors for this fall and winter season! They were a joy to work with, and while I loved working with some new fabrics for the Jakarta line for my recent custom orders, I was happy to get back to saris. There is just something magical about the way the light plays on the fabric, and the colors it creates. The fabric also has great flow and drape to it. Yet, what is great and wonderful about these fabrics is also what is horrible about photographing them. I am never quite happy with the results of my amateur photography skills, and the pants require just the perfect conditions of full sun and zero air movement for me to be able to get them on film. Even when I do get some pictures that turn out, I feel that they miss the luster of the fabrics in most cases. So, here is my humble submission of my photography, modeling, and editing skills on display for you.

You can purchase this pair of pants in my Etsy Shop. I hope you stop in and see what is there for purchase. I have some other great fall and winter colors in and will be adding more pairs of pants soon!