Thursday, February 12, 2009


Me, I've been making a whole ton of maille bellydance belts.

This one's made with bright aluminum in King's weave and decorated with a whole bunch of little beaded Kuchi earrings and Kuchi coins. It's fairly quiet but I like the colors and how it bounces.

This one's the infamous ultra-heavy-duty Kuchi fusion belt. Pendants, coins, swaggies, metal everywhere . . . I like to take it out and rattle it every so often.

This one's not a belt, but I like it anyway. It's a super-sized and super-clunky layered Byzantine maille necklace. I love that it's shiny and that it's not super-heavy . . . but I still wonder what kind of tan lines it'd leave behind come summer. :P

Now to figure out if I really want to get into the ren faire this year . . . What do you guys think?

(PS: More shines are up at my etsy!)